Why shoot in Spain

300 sunny days per year, wide variety of locations, short distances, low fares and 1st class equipment and crew. Spain is one of the best options for filming in the world.


Our Mediterranean climate with good weather all year round makes all outdoor productions both easy and comfortable.



Max. 1hour flight all around Spain, except the canary Islands. Within a 1 hour drive of Barcelona you have big mountains, Ski resorts, deserts, dream beaches, urban cities, unique architecture and much more.

& Crew

We have the latest equipment like Arri Alexa, Red, Phantom Flex 4K, Marvin high speed motion control robot, and much more… Our Crew is specialized in service production, with native French and English producers.

Full “off set” Services

We know you like our country not only for shooting, but also to have a good time. We take care of all your needs, including accommodation, transportation, the best local restaurants, cultural visits, sports tickets, special events, shopping, partying and relaxation.


One of our biggest advantages is our casting possibilities, with excellent actors from a range of ethnic backgrounds. We also work with stunts and sports experts.


Spain is a good option not only for shooting, but also for post-production. We have special arrangements with the most important post-production houses in the country, where you can post-produce your project, taking advantage of the lowest rates in Europe.

Legal &

We take care of all the necessary legal and insurance arrangements for your production, including location permits, underage permits management, shooting insurance and the negotiation of all legal contracts.

Shooting in Spain video

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